From now on you are smarter in advance


  • The most important Big Data sources from the market finally united: Search Analytics, Media Monitoring, Competition and Advertising Analyses – recognize the forest instead of just the trees!
  • Answers your big questions: Which product? Where? When? How much budget?
  • Keeps an eye on your competitors and new market developments with AI.
  • Delivers results very quickly and updates them continuously in streaming mode.
  • Reliable forecasts through AI-supported analysis on the behavior of many market participants.
  • Precisely tailored to your topics & needs, optionally as pay-as-you-go or streamed as a license.

Take a look inside

Best solution for sales and marketing intelligence

2022 Gold Stevie Award

Demo & Scoping free of charge

  • We start with a non-binding scoping meeting as a basis for our offer – and you get a demo access for 2 weeks.

Flexible use

  • You decide whether you want to use the AI Targeter only on demand and pay per run (pay-as-you-go), or whether you want to have your setup continuously updated in the stream (monthly license fee).
  • No long terms.

CUstomer Voices

The Neutrum AI Targeter
is perfect for all who

  • want to determine the best times, channels and budgets for their advertising & communication – precisely by product/topic and location.
  • always want to keep an eye on their competition and important industry developments.
  • want to make their targeting “contextual” with AI – i.e. future-proof without cookies and individual profiling, controlled entirely by the appropriate context, place and time.

Where should you
take a different route?

You don’t just want to understand what to place, when, where and with what budget – but also how? So what aspects are your customers interested in and what kind of expectation do they associate with your product? Then you need the NEUTRUM TOPIC NAVIGATOR, which can be super connected with the AI Targeter.

You don’t just want to know in advance where you should advertise and when – you also want to check on an ongoing basis whether your strategy is working and the measures are having the desired effect? Then the NEUTRUM EVO Optimizer is the right step.

Some clients we work for:

how is
it done?

The AI Targeter is set up by us according to your specifications and then handed over for use in selfservice.


Book your free scoping call HERE including access to a demo instance.


You will receive an individual offer from us, transparently calculated based on the number of your markets and products, the features you want to use from the AI Targeter ecosystem and your desired model (pay-as-you-go vs. ongoing updates).


After commissioning, we set up your instance and hand it over to you with user training via a teams meeting and always up-to-date instructions in the tool.


Let’s go! Of course we are always at your side with questions or support.


Do you want special developments or changes during operation? We are happy to implement change requests quickly and according to a very transparent pricing.