Competitors hate this trick


  • Transparency across all channels along the entire funnel: Where do you stand – and why?
  • Differentiated evaluation of results according to impact, efficiency, quality
  • Realistic, continuously updated benchmarks based on the success drivers for your business determined by AI
  • Recognize and design interactions: the optimal combination of channels, brand and sales
  • Automatic recommendations on budget, channel mix and optimization of measures
  • Any fine differentiation by products, regions, partners and roles

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Best Business Technology Solution for Marketing & Communication:

Demo & Scoping free of charge

  • We start with a non-binding scoping meeting as a basis for our offer – and you get a demo access for 2 weeks.

Transparent benefit

  • You can always see what your EVO Optimizer brings you – through the forecasts and AI-powered recommendations, the quality and ROI of the solution can be clearly determined.

CUstomer Voices

The Neutrum Evo Optimizer
is perfect for all who

  • want to manage and optimize a variety of products, sales and marketing channels holistically.
  • want to overcome the silo structure for a common, unified view of the entire marketing and sales landscape.
  • have the ambition not only to measure and document something, but to recognize correlations and to become a little better every day.
  • It is important for us to determine target values and earnings contributions as realistically as possible.
  • still have no desire for Excel and statistics hullabaloo in the face of all these requirements.

Where should you
take a different route?

You don’t have your own data yet, because you are just setting up your business or launching your product? In this case, the NEUTRUM AI Targeter helps you build realistic expectations and get a good start. Once you’re running, you’re ready for EVO.

We work for example for:

how is
it done?

EVO Optimizer is set up by us according to your specifications and then handed over for self-service use.


Book your free scoping call HERE including access to a demo.


You will receive an individual offer from us, transparently calculated based on the products, channels and regions you want to evaluate and optimize, the different user roles in your company and the desired AI recommendation functions.


After commissioning, we connect your data sources – and numerous external data from the market and competition – with our system and calibrate the algorithms to your business. We will discuss with you the analysis of your historical values and the optimal models to explain your success. 


On this basis, we set up your instance and hand it over to you with user training via a teams meeting and always up-to-date instructions in the tool.


Let’s go! Of course we are always at your side with questions or support. And we process your requests for individual functions and adjustments quickly and efficiently on a ticket basis.