Every entrepreneur has a boss: the market.


  • Direct results with just a few clicks – no waiting & no expert knowledge required
  • Easily understand how demand is distributed across products & regions
  • Only solution with AI-supported forecasts, seasonality and trend analysis
  • Easily compare different countries or regions (e.g. state, county)
  • Identify the best Google search terms for SEO, SEA and beyond
  • Share your markets and analyses with other users and have analyses updated automatically

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BEST Business Technology Solution: Big Data

Try before buy

  • We give you 10 credits and access to the data & analyses from our large demand monitor, which covers the 35 most important consumer sectors in Germany – only when you are convinced, you decide for one of our credit packages.

No subscription commitment

  • You decide how many credits you charge and how you use them. And if you want to delete your account, we’ll cry softly – but won’t hold you to a commitment.

Pay as you go – super transparent

  • 1 credit per query per category (up to 10,000 keywords) and region. Depending on the package, 1 credit costs 0.07-0.18 euros:


90 €

  • 500 Credits


150 €

  • 1.000 Credits


500 €

  • 5.000 Credits


700 €

  • 10.000 Credits
  • Once you have performed an analysis, you can call it up again as often as you like for 1 month without credits being deducted.
  • Acquired credits remain valid for 6 months. If you delete your account, we cannot refund unused credits.


“World class service! Has brought us to a new level in the area of marketing!”
Raphael Opilski
ISOTEC specialist company Waterproofing Technology OPL GmbH & Co. KG
“If you want to rely on true market intelligence, Hase & Igel is the place to go.”
Christian Wewezow
Managing Director Clockwise Consulting, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Businesses
“The best of Big Data Germany has to offer.”
Prof. Dr. Stephan Buchhester
Head of Diagnostics, Institute for Behavioral Economics

The Neutrum Market Check
is perfect for all who

  • want to find out how great the demand is for a topic or product.
  • want to analyze and forecast demand trends – at product and location level.
  • Search keywords for SEO and SEA that are not only entered often – but have a strong trend and as little (expensive) competition as possible.

Where should you
take a different route?

If you want to examine trends in media (magazines, social media, etc.) or look at what your competitors spend on advertising on the web (including Google), NEUTRUM KI Targeter is the right tool for you.

If you want to investigate how more search demand – and other factors such as weather, competitor spends, demographics, etc. – affects your sales and revenue, NEUTRUM EVO Optimizer is the step you need to take.

Some clients we work for:

how is
it done?

The Market Check works completely in self-service: 


Register HERE and get a 2 week trial with 10 free credits and access to the data & analytics from our big demand monitor.


Choose which credit package you want to buy and pay via PayPal or credit card.


Get started – and decide for yourself if and when you want to buy more credits. You can decide at any time for an automatic recharge. You have no contract obligation and can delete your account at any time.